Cradle of Filth, Necrofier, It Is Dead

Rave/Eagles Club (The Rave)
Milwaukee, WI

It Is Dead

Milwaukee-based antifascist band It Is Dead was a recent discovery for me, and I’ve seen them play a couple times around town and enjoyed their sets. They opened the show with a solid selection of doomy black metal that set the stage well for Necrofier and Cradle of Filth. You can catch them again Saturday May 21 at Dark Horse Art Bar in Madison, WI.


I had never listened to Necrofier prior to this show, but being made up of members from Oceans of Slumber, Night Cobra, and Malignant Altar; it is no surprise that I massively enjoyed this set. I’m glad to have found them from this show and look forward to hearing more from them!

Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth is a band I have tried to get into several times over the years, and there is certainly a lot to love from them. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, pig squeals have never been quite my thing and that limits what I personally enjoy of their discography, despite Dani’s great talents in this area.

For this tour, the band is joined by Donny Burbage (AEther Realm) on guitars and Zoe Federoff (Catalyst Crime) on keys and vocals. I went to the show primarily to see Donny play, and I’m pleased I did because they put on a killer show. CoF played some of my favorite songs including “Nymphetamine Fix” and “Her Ghost in the Fog,” and it was great to see so much chemistry with the new members after only a few shows on their Danzig tour. Additionally, the sound mixing was phenomenal and Donny and Zoe are completely killing it in their respective areas. The Danzig tour is ending, but Cradle of Filth has several more dates on their headlining tour, so definitely make it out if you get a chance!

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